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Ep004: Captive Insurance Companies with Kevin Atkinson

September 2nd, 2021

Are you a business owner tired of making those premium payments for an insurance plan you don't have many claims on? Have you wondered what you could do with those dollars that aren't used for claims?

Today on the Premium Finance Show, we're talking with Kevin Atkinson, Founder and President of Montpellier Advisors, an independent boutique firm specializing in the intentional design, collaborative structuring, and focused oversight of captive insurance solutions for small to mid sized businesses.

The discussion goes deep in exploring the benefits of a captive insurance solution for many types of companies, and he shares some of his experience and perspective on why you should consider setting up an insurance agency of your own.

He is also a huge fan and advocate of Cool Springs' Prestige Design and how his clients are able to benefit from both captives and Prestige designs.


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