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Discussions of Financed Insurance Designs for Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) Families; Closely Held Businesses for Owners and the C-Suite. Focusing not only on death benefit, but also distributions while living.

About the show

Join John McDonough, President of Cool Springs Financial, LLC as he talks to CPAs, corporate attorneys, estate planning attorneys, bankers, and other professionals to bring their collective expertise to Cool Springs Financial, LLC Premium Finance clients and potential clients in a setting that allows the content to be absorbed and learned at whatever pace the listener desires.


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    Ep020: Mindset, Belief, Faith, Grit, and Determination

    April 14th, 2023  |  26 mins 50 secs

    On this episode of the Premium Finance Show, we talk with Austin Hatch, a Motivational Speaker from Michigan, United States.

    He has a very unfortunate but a great story to tell, about mindset, belief, faith, grit, and determination based on what he has gone through and what he's been able to accomplish in his life, and how he can communicate that to your team to help them understand that they're part of a bigger picture.

    You'd be well served to listen to this episode of the Premium Finance Show and even better served when you're done to reach out and book Austin Hatch as one of your speakers for your organization. If you have a team of people working with you and for you, and sometimes you really gotta help get them motivated and help them understand the bigger picture of what it is that you're trying to accomplish. To make your team a high performance team, you need to hear this conversation that we had today on the Premium Finance Show with Austin Hatch. See you on the inside.

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    Ep019: Risk Mitigation by Adding Alternative Asset Classes

    February 9th, 2023  |  27 mins 50 secs

    On this episode of the Premium Finance Show, we talk with Dory Wiley, President, and CEO of Commerce Street Holdings.

    Dory has over 20 years of experience in commercial and investment banking and investment management.

    Most of the time people have the traditional stock-bond portfolio mix. Dory's decades of experience bring in investment banking, capital raises, retirement solutions, as well as his opinion on where life insurance...especially premium financed insurance as an asset class helps reduce the overall risk of a high net worth individual's broad portfolio.

    We talked about how you can increase yield in your portfolio while at the same time reducing the overall risk by adding alternative asset classes.

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    Ep018: Bespoke Legal Solutions in the Insurance Arena

    February 1st, 2023  |  43 mins 54 secs

    On today's episode of the Premium Finance Show, we're talking with Harry Schultz and Brian Bark of Lopez, Bark and Schultz Law Firm from Orange County, California about the wide range of topics in insurance.

    LBS specializes in insurance-related matters, and they offer bespoke legal solutions in the insurance arena.

    We had a great conversation about premium finance structures for life insurance purposes, either on the personal estate planning or from a corporate perspective and how to deal with Buy and Sell agreements, Key person policies, Executive bonus structures.

    We talked about life insurance policies, third-party policies such as E&O,D&O Commercial General Lines, cyber, umbrella excess, crime, environmental policies, etc.

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    Ep017: Wealthy Global Citizens (Foreign Nationals) with Miguel Garcia and Jimmy Milliron

    January 19th, 2023  |  42 mins 8 secs

    On today's episode of the Premium Finance Show, we're talking with Miguel Garcia and Jimmy Milliron of National Brokerage Atlantic about their specialty focus on supporting wealthy global citizens and foreign nationals.

    The Foreign National/Wealthy Global Citizen market is significant and deserves attention.

    We had a great conversation about protecting assets in those other countries from government seizure and creating tax deferral opportunities using some of the structures Miguel and Jimmy have implemented for their Foreign National families.

    We also talked about providing liquidity for the second and third generation, an opportunity not often thought of or considered unreliable in other countries.

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    Ep016: Deferring Capital Gains on Highly Appreciated Asset Sale with Todd Jackson Esq.

    December 8th, 2022  |  42 mins 36 secs

    On the show today, we are joined by Todd Jackson, an attorney at law with over three decades of experience. Todd specializes in capital gains for real estate and business sales for significant transactions.

    His expertise in these areas gives him the unique advantage of helping his clients navigate any sale involving business or real estate with the best possible results. He walks us through his capital gains strategy and how he creates value for his clients through tax planning.

    In this episode, he walks us through his ideal client and how he typically structures their transactions.

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    Ep015: Creating a Financial Legacy with Josh Farro

    July 15th, 2022  |  30 mins 35 secs

    Today we are joined by successful musician/songwriter, former lead Guitarist of Paramore and current lead vocalist and guitarist of Farro, Josh Farro.

    Farro was a founding member of Paramore, serving as the band's lead guitarist and backing vocalist from 2004 until his exit in late 2010. He went on to found his own self named band, Farro, and has enjoyed enormous success throughout his career. His success and his love for his family quickly got him thinking about financial security and how he could ensure his family's future.

    In this episode, we explore the steps that Josh took to create a secure financial legacy for his family and how that got him peace of mind amid his amazing levels of success.

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    Ep014: Industry Executive Mike Bell President of FFR

    April 6th, 2022  |  36 mins 40 secs

    On today's episode of the Premium Finance Show, we are joined by the President of First Financial Resources, Mike Bell.

    Mike has over 40 years of experience in building and growing financial institutions and as the President of First Financial Resources, his knowledge of the inner workings of such a prestigious organization allows him to impart wisdom that would otherwise be difficult to come by.

    Everyone, from entrepreneurs to high level executives curious about the industry view on premium finance, organizational communication and leadership, would find great value in taking a listen to today's episode.

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    Ep013: Deciphering Financials and Creating Exit Strategies with Duncan McKeever

    March 10th, 2022  |  45 mins 9 secs

    On today's episode of the Premium Finance Show, we are joined by one of the partners of the fractional CFO service, B2B CFO, Duncan McKeever.

    Duncan has over 30 years of experience as a senior-level executive with extensive finance, accounting and operational experience in diverse industries, including Energy, Healthcare, Security, Printing, Manufacturing, Employment, IT and Financial Services.

    This is a wide-ranging show as we discuss various topics ranging from employee retention to exit strategies, but one of the key themes is the need to decipher business financials to make sound strategic decisions.

    Duncan does a great job of articulating all of this and highlighting the benefits of the Cool Springs model when looking at key employees and transitional agreements for business owners, so you don't eat into the company's cash flow.

    Whether or not you think you need a CFO, there is a lot to benefit from in this episode.

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    Ep012: Today's Interest Rates, Markets, and the Cool Springs Design with Tra Kelly

    February 28th, 2022  |  49 mins 31 secs

    Today on the Premium Finance Show, we welcome back Tra Kelly, Founder and President of Bascom advisors, to talk about interest rates and how the current situation impacts the Cool Springs Design.

    You may remember Tra was a guest on the show last summer when we talked about the Armageddon scenario of markets crashing and interest rate spikes. That irrational but very real emotion is closer to the surface now than it was last year, so he talks about what's happening with the Federal Reserve's plan to further raise rates and a helpful perspective on 'the sky is falling in' narrative the media like to portray.

    Tra truly understands the economics and sensitivity of the Cool Springs structure. He's as excited about it today as he was when he first heard about it and what he has to share will help you gain some peace of mind, as well as a better understanding of the relationship between interest rates, the federal reserve, the stock market, and the Cool Spring structure.

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    Ep011: State of The Industry with Sam Watson

    February 10th, 2022  |  49 mins 40 secs

    Today on the Premium Finance Show, we invite Sam Watson, Chairman, and CEO of Cool Springs Financial, back onto the show to discuss some changes in the industry since he was last a guest.

    It was a great conversation discussing a wide range of subjects, including the contraction and shrinkage in the large policy section of the industry, AG49A and what that means for clients, the illustrated rate relative to actual performance, as well as inflation, rising interest rates, and what that means for our clients.

    We also talked about the pandemic, fewer people in the workplace and what that means for banks and the impact on insurance carriers.

    Lastly, we talked about why the Cool Springs strategy is still an opportunity that's as attractive today as it was a couple of years ago and why it will continue to be so in the future.

    A packed show you won't want to miss!

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    Ep010: The Uniqueness of Cool Springs Designs with Jamie Petrinovich

    January 26th, 2022  |  34 mins 9 secs

    Today on the Premium Finance Show, we're talking with Jamie Petrinovich, Managing Director here at Cool Springs Financial.

    Jamie was born into the life insurance business. At the age of 4, he remembers helping his father put together folders of life insurance marketing material, and today, after 16 years of being licensed, he's dedicated his practice to helping high-income and high-net-worth families plan for a better tomorrow.

    We talked about his approach and why he selected Cool Springs Financial to help distribute structured finance designs. The good, the bad, and the ugly side he's seen in the industry over the years, and what he's most excited about for his clients, that's unique to the Cool Springs design.

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    Ep009: Comparing the Premium Financed Strategy with JR Shearin

    November 17th, 2021  |  46 mins 25 secs

    Today on the Premium Finance Show, we're talking with JR Shearin, former Deloitte Managing Partner and Business Development Executive at Vaco, a talent solutions firm that specializes in finding c-suite executives.

    This is a great conversation, and JR draws on his 20-year, 'Big 4' accounting experience in finance, public accounting, and international business to discuss how even generous executive pensions fail to stack up against the premium financed strategy put together by Cool Springs.

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    Ep008: Matching Accredited Investors with Quality Companies, Leif Hartwig, WealthVP

    November 1st, 2021  |  35 mins

    Today on the Premium Finance Show, we're talking with Leif Hartwig, CEO, and founder of WealthVP, an exclusive subscription-based platform that matches quality companies with private investors; think for companies and investors.

    Leif draws on nearly 30-years experience in the software startup and financial services industry to bring WealthVP, a new FinTech solution to the market. A journey that started after realizing that most high net worth individuals or family offices relied almost exclusively on word-of-mouth recommendations for this type of opportunity.

    With 5 million private companies in the US seeking capital and over 13 million accredited investors there is ample opportunity, but most deal flow is limited to local geographical areas or network constraints. We had a great conversation about why this typically happens, the industry's challenges in matching investors with the right opportunities, and how this ties in with the Cool Springs approach.

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    Ep007: Structured Finance with Texas Super Lawyer Gary Gunn

    October 15th, 2021  |  40 mins 42 secs

    Today on the Premium Finance Show, we're talking with Gary Gunn, Texas super lawyer and Managing Partner Hughes Watters Askanase, also known as the 'deal junkie' to his many clients.

    Gary and I have been in the same Vistage group for the last five years or so, and more than any other person or professional in our group, he has seen the ins and outs of every aspect of the Premium Finance Cool Springs design that we put in place for business owners, small to mid-sized business owners and ultra-high net worth individuals.

    He's also been in structured finance deals for many different industries, and he understands using finance to purchase an asset.

    Gary is a big proponent of how we set up our design and is a great resource for business owners who do not have General Counsel or have an attorney that they can call upon to vet the Cool Springs design.

    We're thrilled to have him on the show to help walk through some of the premium finance issues, as well as what Hughes Watters Askanase has to offer their clients.

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    Ep006: Key Employee Retention with Dr Gary McGrath

    October 4th, 2021  |  43 mins 12 secs

    Today on the Premium Finance Show, we're talking with Dr. Gary McGrath, a "unicorn" in the leadership development world and Founder of Statarius, a firm dedicated to making good leaders great.

    In this show, we discuss key employee retention in both the Cool Springs sense of incentivizing people to stay and the Statarius sense of bringing the best out of your team.

    Both of these ideas are important, and marrying them together into a cohesive strategy allows you to create an organization with 95% retention of key employees and executives, along with a strong succession plan to move your company into the future.

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    Ep005: Protecting the Value Cool Springs Financial Creates with Tim Lynch

    September 20th, 2021  |  40 mins 39 secs

    Today on the Premium Finance Show, we're talking with Tim Lynch, Managing Partner of Offit Kurman, a full-service law firm with offices across the US.

    Tim has a national practice focusing on acting as general counsel and special litigation counsel for many entrepreneurs and owner-managed businesses across a wide array of industries.

    He regularly advises clients on strategic growth and corporate issues. He also regularly advises financial institutions and key employees on employment and regulatory issues. Tim is a "problem solver."

    We talk today about the value brought to the client with the Cool Springs strategy, and Offit Kurman's involvement in setting up the legal documents needed to legally protect that value. We also throw in a couple of baseball analogies for good measure.