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Ep003: Strategic Tax Planning with Jay Tompkins of Baker Tilly

August 19th, 2021

Today on the Premium Finance Show, we're talking with Jay Tompkins, CPA and tax partner with Baker Tilly's Private Client Services group.

Jay has been a tax professional for almost 20 years and has built a great rapport with clients from various backgrounds. In this episode, we have a great discussion about his tax planning practice, specifically on strategic and advanced planning for business owners and high net worth individuals and how that's different from just tax and accounting work.

We go in-depth on his view of the Cool Springs structure and why he's such a big advocate of it.

We also discuss why some “trusted advisors” like CPAs and financial advisors just can’t seem to admit that they aren’t equipped to provide guidance on the Cool Springs designs.

This is a great show with a lot of great information.


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