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Ep012: Today's Interest Rates, Markets, and the Cool Springs Design with Tra Kelly

February 28th, 2022

Today on the Premium Finance Show, we welcome back Tra Kelly, Founder and President of Bascom advisors, to talk about interest rates and how the current situation impacts the Cool Springs Design.

You may remember Tra was a guest on the show last summer when we talked about the Armageddon scenario of markets crashing and interest rate spikes. That irrational but very real emotion is closer to the surface now than it was last year, so he talks about what's happening with the Federal Reserve's plan to further raise rates and a helpful perspective on 'the sky is falling in' narrative the media like to portray.

Tra truly understands the economics and sensitivity of the Cool Springs structure. He's as excited about it today as he was when he first heard about it and what he has to share will help you gain some peace of mind, as well as a better understanding of the relationship between interest rates, the federal reserve, the stock market, and the Cool Spring structure.


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