Premium Finance Show

Ep011: State of The Industry with Sam Watson

February 10th, 2022

Today on the Premium Finance Show, we invite Sam Watson, Chairman, and CEO of Cool Springs Financial, back onto the show to discuss some changes in the industry since he was last a guest.

It was a great conversation discussing a wide range of subjects, including the contraction and shrinkage in the large policy section of the industry, AG49A and what that means for clients, the illustrated rate relative to actual performance, as well as inflation, rising interest rates, and what that means for our clients.

We also talked about the pandemic, fewer people in the workplace and what that means for banks and the impact on insurance carriers.

Lastly, we talked about why the Cool Springs strategy is still an opportunity that's as attractive today as it was a couple of years ago and why it will continue to be so in the future.

A packed show you won't want to miss!


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